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Wanted: French Connection Sofa

French Connection Sofa

Every couple of weeks the husband and I discuss getting a new sofa. He is in the yes camp, I was in the no camp. We have an 18 month old who is in nappies, likes to dribble and has yet to be house trained. Getting a new sofa is dependant on that being sorted – so a good 18 months off yet. But then I saw this. It’s the French Connection Zinc corner sofa in teal. I am lusting after it.

Phil, the husband, is obsessed with getting a corner sofa. We used to have one which we loved. We moved and had to get smaller sofas to fit our apartment but now we’re back in a house, he wants one. I get it. And now I want to get this! I have told him we would need to decorate the lounge for it and that would mean the office/playroom/dining room too as a yellow wall runs across the spaces. He has said that’s not a problem.  I am thinking this with some light grey walls would look lovely….

The corner sofa with a geometric print footstool and the fabric protection is going to set up back the best part of £2K. I don’t think that’s too much to pay, you get what you pay for. But I know that buying this and seeing it get covered in baby bodily fluids would break me! What say you? To buy or not to buy?


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