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Wanted: Baltic Pencil Pouch

Baltic Pencil Pouch

One of my new years resolutions this year was to get a little more creative. I like to doodle and draw, I like to get the sewing machine out, I quite fancy myself as an author… but I don’t actually do that much that doesn’t involve creating with the kids. I don’t do that much for me. So this year I’m changing that and I have been drawing – well doodling, no fine art here. Anyway, I have done what all wannabes do, and have brought new pencils, fine liners and what have you and now feel the need to buy something to put them in, so have been on the hunt for the perfect pencil-case that will also look good on my desk. I think I have found it. It’s the embossed suede Baltic Pencil Pouch from Anthropologie. £22 and totally swoonworthy, don’t you think?

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