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Wallpaper Wednesday: Ginka wallpaper from Kuboaa.

Ginka wallpaper from Kuboaa featured on Style Arch

I am a huge, huge fan of wallpaper, I even have a board dedicated to it on Pinterest! So from here onwards, I am am making Wednesdays all about wallpaper. That makes it Wallpaper Wednesday. Hoorah, I hear you cry!

The first wallpaper getting some love is the Ginka wallpaper from Kuboaa. It’s a simple wallpaper design based on the beautiful ginkgo plant. It has a classic look about it and combined with a modern aesthetic, it’s a winner. This print will work well in small areas as a feature on on large expanses. I am loving the sandy mid yellow, with the blue heading to aqua print design. £57.50 a roll. Yes please.

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