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Trendy Peas Decals


As it’s Wednesday, I thought I’d start off with a post about some wallpaper I have been eyeballing for my little boys room. There’s a bit of a back story here. We live in military accommodation, and recently we thought we were moving to Scotland for a new posting in a couple of months. That’s now not happening, but because of it, we have kind of neglected a few rooms in the house a bit. Especially my 3 year old’s room. We painted it grey, cleaned it up, and then forgot about it, thinking it would soon have to be painted back in to MOD issued magnolia. However, as we’re staying put, I really want to make his room a better space for him.

So back to the wallpaper. Not only do I adore the dots, but it’s perfect for a rental as it is a self-adhesive fabric based medium that does not require pasting and can be used in place of the traditional wallpaper. It can be applied to any non-porous flat surface including walls, doors, and windows. And, what I love, it it does not leave residue behind and does not require expert installation, repair or removal. Therefore, it’s easy to put back to magnolia when we leave. It’s from Trendy Peas Decals, and isn’t cheap at around £83 plus shipping of about £15. That’s quite a splurge, although I think I only need a roll for the wall I am planning on using it on!

What do you think?

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