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Tracey Tubb Wallpaper

Tracey Tubb Wallpaper

I have been watching The Great Interior Design Challenge and loving it. Sometimes I am screaming at my TV other times I am googling where said products are from. And one thing that really made me swoon was the Tracey Tubb wallpaper which was featured by Jordan Cluroe from 2 Lovely Gays in his winning space. It looks amazing. The paper is just fabulous – it’s folded and stitched and on Tracey’s site it says:

Tracey uses pleating and origami folding techniques, as well as drawn lines and stitch to transform flat mundane surfaces into a visual feast of three dimensionality and texture.

So beautifully done. Huge hat tip to Jordan. Stroke of genius. Congratulations on your win.

Am on the hunt now to find a finished photo of the room and I should also add, I have been backing Jordan as the winner. Go me!




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