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The Fireplace

Wooden burning Stoves

If you follow me on twitter you would have heard me moaning on about our MOD standard issue fireplace, people tell me it’s not that bad but to me, it is. It’s nasty (although not as nasty as our standard issue carpets!). I would love to replace it with something like I had in my old house. In that house we – well Phil – built a surround out of oak and we used Daydream wallpaper by Julia Rothman for Hygge and West.  You can see that on Nest Goodies.

Anyway, I keep day dreaming about what I would like to do to that fireplace, perhaps knock the whole thing out or maybe install a log burning stove. Something. Anything. But it always comes back to the log burning stove… I loved our old one. I loved the warmth, the look, everything.

I guess the cold weather is teasing me at the moment. And all I can do is lust at stoves like those shown. One day. One day. Sigh.



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