Just a quick shout out and thank you to everyone who has featured and shown this little ol’ blog of mine some love.


Amara Interior Blog Awards – I was shortlisted for Best Colour Inspiration Blog in the 2014 awards. How flattering. Stiff competition though, I was up against some of my favourite sites!

Bathrooms.com – They said “The judges were really impressed with the design, layout and content of your blog, as well as how quickly you have built it into a valuable source of inspiration” and went on to award me The Judges’ Choice Award. This is their opportunity to recognise emerging blog talent by highlighting a newer blog which stands out in the field of interiors and home design. Why thank you.


The Lighting Expert – They write “The brains behind Style Arch has a distinct sense of personal style and some truly excellent taste in design”. I didn’t pay them. Honest.

Bettaliving – This blog included me in their teams current favourite blogs withIf you love great design, innovative products and want to inject colour into your home then make sure you take five to read the posts …”

WayfairWayfair – My popular post titled Moss Graffiti – How to do it has been included in Wayfair’s The Best of British Blogging: Garden DIY. Thank you!

Competition Wins

Duette Blinds – The Green and Gorgeous post won their blogger competition. I won £500 worth of blinds.