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Stripes Glorious Stripes!

I do like a stripe. Horizontal or vertical – both work for me. Stripes, like colour, can make people nervous when it comes to interiors. After all, we have had “neutral” drummed in to us for years haven’t we. But incorporating a stripe is really easy to do. The biggest thing to remember about stripes is you don’t have to go all out crazy and cover the walls and floors. Although that can look effective, check these out:

Striped Bedroom Example

Striped Living Room

Tone it down a bit. Stripes work well as an accent. They add interest and texture. Using stripes in soft furnishings is a great look and when you’ve had enough, you can easily switch them out:

Striped Decor - Interior Design

But also think about using stripes in unusual places. I love the striped Twilight blinds from Apollo Blinds. They’re pretty cool and come on a range of Styles.

Striped Blinds from Apollo Blinds

Apollo Blinds

And while we’re talking about the unusual, check out this dog bed:

Modern Dog Bed

Seriously. How cool is that. It’s been made by Censtational Girl. Brilliant. I want one for my pooch!

Along with those fabulous blinds and super cool dog bed, there are some gorgeous affordable products out there allowing you to introduce stripes to your home subtly. Here are some of my favourites:

Striped Decor Ideas

MoMA welcome mat ($45) / West Elm Throws (£31) / Watcombe Deckchair Stripe Lampshade (£40)

Finally, If you don’t want to make your home look like a nursery school, stay away from wide rainbow stripes. Instead think about going for either an ombre or complimentary colour palette.

So what say you? Are you getting your stripe on? How?


Photo Credits // Freshome / I Love Linen / Apollo Blinds / Classy Woman / Cape Cod /


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