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Six Steps To A Tidy Home ?

Summer holidays. Great to spend some time with the little legged ones, but oh my, the mess. It’s constant. Add to the mix we have just got back from a weeks camping and the house is at its very worst. The fact I have two kids (aged 1 and 4) and I have never been a domestic goddess doesn’t help. But we, the husband and I, have decided we need to keep on top of it.

We’ve introduced some house rules. This is hilarious. We’re not the rule-type but, you know, needs must. So here they are.

How to have a tidy home

The one touch rule. We need to stop piling things up. We need to just put things away. So one touch to tidiness. We’re currently failing miserably at this! Basically, don’t put it down put it away. This one makes so much sense (and I read it on mumsnet! shocker!)

Paperwork. Oh my. Four moves in as many years has led us to be really unorganised. We have paperwork everywhere. We need to sit and sort and then we’re going to make sure everything that comes in is actioned or filed immediately or straight in the recycling. No stashing. The amount of crap that comes through our door probably accounts for a a good chunk of that disappearing rainforest. I need a no junk mail sign. A cool one though. Watch this space.

Everything has its place. This one is a nice ideal but we have a lot of stuff and a very small house. We’re about to embark on a series of carboots. I am not allowed to buy anything at these. Humph. The real problem is the kids toys. We need to have a sort out. Declutter. Reorganise. We also need to stop dumping things on the stairs, my desk and the unit in the passageway. It’s all just clutter.

Stop the hoarding. I am terrible at keeping things that may be useful one day. Especially if I can see a craft idea in it. Sometimes I get a little carried away. I have finally got rid of the 20+ food cans I was keeping for some project I had spotted on Pinterest. I need to start chucking. I’m sentimental. I have tickets and cards and all sorts stuffed in drawers that just need to be put away.

Tidy as we go. Now this isn’t easy with the two kids but we’re starting to get in to the habit of having a quick whizz round before bed to make sure that everything is set for a new day. Rooms gets trashed as soon as the kids are up but it’s so much more manageable then letting it pile up.

Routine. We suck at this. But we’re dishing out chores of whom is doing what when. If we stick to all the other rules this should become easy. Hmmm.

Wish us luck. All being well in a few weeks I will be posting photos of my beautiful sparkling home!


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