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Show the love in a non-tacky way!

I am not a massive fan of Valentine’s day, mostly because it’s just so commercial and my husband and I don’t need one day to show the love, which is a good job as I generally spend it at home with the kids. Since Phil and I have been married, we’ve only spent one Valentine’s together – he’s in the Forces. But I do love a little love, and because it’s on theme, I thought I’d share some great ways to show the love without it being a tack-fest.

Valentines Decorations

First up is the marque/carnival letters spotted over at Ella James. They’re £24 each and what says love more than putting your names up in lights? I’m still desperate to get some letter lights. I recently spotted some beauties in HomeSense. Stupidly, I hesitated before buying and when I realised I needed them in my life, they were gone. Sob. Anyway…. next up is the Lightbox. If you read regularly (or follow me on Instagram) you know I did get one after my recent post. I purchased mine from Molly Meg, but you can also get them from Huh.Store (where the image is from). Personalise with a little love message. How about You had me at hello or, if you’re not the love at first word type (who is?),  Be Mine Valentine or your names and a special date. Mine, until recently, has been saying Love You Greyhead. I am sure my silver-fox of a husband was thrilled. I am home alone with the kids again this year, so ours will say Mama loves you – or something a little more creative. Finally, I do love word banners, and they’re a really easy way of conveying a message. I featured some earlier on the blog, so check that page out for links. They can be added anywhere, you could even leave a frisky little message in the bedroom!

So what do you think? Yay or nay to a little bit of public displays of love?

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