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Project Bedroom: Inspiration

I live in a MOD house. The other half is in the Royal Navy. Although there are loads of benefits to this, mostly financial, there are also downfalls. The house is ugly. Curb appeal is zero. We moved in to a magnolia box with mismatched carpets and a kitchen that has seen better days. We have to leave the house EXACTLY how we got it, so although we can decorate there are some limitations. That’s worth knowing. So when I talk about things and you think, why doesn’t she ditch xxx is it because we just cant – carpets for example, they have to stay. That makes me weep!

Anyway, next on our hit list is the bedroom. I want it to be clean and fresh. It’s small and there was no decent storage. I want a clean uncluttered look in there, so am looking towards scandi-inspired rooms for inspiration. Rooms like these.

Scandinavian Inspired Bedrooms

We’re already painting the walls white and I have installed a wall of storage from the IKEA PAX range. Its 2.5 meters long and consists of lots of drawers, a few rails, and some slide out storage racks for my shoes. I love it. And it means I have very clean lines.

We need to get a new bed. Mine is an old metal framed one, which worked perfectly in our old house but in this house it’s just too big and ornate. I want a simple one. Like those photographed.

So along with the bed and storage wall, we will also be adding some monochrome features – mostly art. I want to have a picture shelf like that in the top right photo. I need colour in my life too though, so will be adding some colourful touches, probably yellow as the main accent colour. A popping yellow. This will be in the art and also in the textiles. I want a white bedspread, and then lots of colourful cushions. Like the photo bottom left.

I have a big pot of yellow wood paint, so will be painting my bedside cabinets yellow very soon. I’ll be adding new knobs to it to give it a face lift, rather than buying new.

I am excited. This is such an easy and cheap look to do. And when we move, making it all magnolia again will be easy!

Watch this space for updated. Do you like this look?

Photography // Designed for Life / Hot Style Design



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