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Project bedroom: Getting there

In My House

I have been banging on about project bedroom for a while now and it is still not finished. We are getting there though. Everything is now crisp and white and we’re beginning to add the detail. Like the birds on a wire metal wall art from Graham & Brown which I adore, the black picture shelves and the light shade and coloured flex I featured a little while ago. I have been collecting Vitra Alexander Girard  wooden dolls for my daughter since her birth and am starting to ‘borrow’ them from her room to go in mine. She keeps demanding them back though! The framed prints are homemade, the LOVE one being a card and the Happily Ever After I just printed on my computer. Everything looks good on helvetica, right? We just need to crack on and finish off so I can show you the full room. I aim to be able to do that by the end of the month. I also aim to take some fuzz-free photos, damn my cracked screen iPhone!

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