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Project bedroom: Ceiling light

Coloured wire to replace pendant lamps

I have a vision for the bedroom. I am not sure how it’s going to pan out as I don’t have the luxury of space but that won’t stop me trying. Hell no! One of things I do want to do is move my ceiling light. As I mentioned before, I can’t just do that in the traditional way because I live in rented MOD housing. Instead, we’re using fabulous coloured flex to reposition the light.

Yesterday we popped to good old IKEA and invested in a FOTO pendant lamp. I have in my possession some high quality fabric cable from etsy shop LightCookie, and today we’ve rewired the pendant lamp to use the yellow flex, and have made it much longer. The flex is fab, it took just over a week to come but at £2.50 a metre you really can not complain. Bargain! We will then add a hook in the ceiling and reposition the light that way. I am on the hunt for the perfect hook at the moment, I’ll then show you what it looks like! Exciting.

While I was on LightCookie, I also spotted these BEAUTIFUL wooden light pendants.

Wooden Light Pendants

I adore them. A lot. But alas, there’s no place for them in my home just yet. They’ve a hand crafted wooden canopy and bulb holder made in natural pine wood. At just £30 each they’re a steal.




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