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Project Bedroom: Bedside Lamps

Now I have the vision for the room and the other half has given me the nod based on my inspiration post, I have started doing the fun bit. I am have been looking at the detail. To start with I have been hunting for the perfect bedside lamp because you have to start somewhere, and these are my shortlist:

Cool modern bedside lamps and table lamps


So in order we have: Hydra Table Lamp, £69, Fashion for Home / Tommy, £12, Habitat / Joey Touch Table Lamp, £75, John Lewis / Desk lamp with antique finish, £129.90, Nordic Bliss / Olson Oak Table Lamp, £182, Rowan & Wren / Storm Table Lamp, £85, Hunky Dory Home / Nickle & Cream Desk Lamp, £46.99, Betta Living / Factory Task Lamp, $149, West Elm / RANARP Work Lamp, £40, IKEA

Now I know you may be muttering that these aren’t traditional bedside lamps, apart from that beauty from Hunky Dory Home who, incidentally, you should check out as they have a  great collection. I know they’re more desk / task lighting BUT it’s my bedroom so my choice right?! At the moment I am leaning towards the Hydra Table Lamp – I really like it’s sleek minimal look but the oak veneer along side the bright white lacquer screams scandi-inspired to me and the veneer adds a little warmth. Plus the swivel on that means I can read (or procrastinate on twitter / candy crush / houzz / Pinterest) for as long as I like without annoying him who shares the room with me too much. Plus at £69, it’s a steal.

What do you think?



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