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Moss Graffiti – How to do it

How to make moss graffitti

Once again I have been inspired by Pinterest, this time it’s moss graffiti (aka green graffiti and eco graffiti). It’s such an easy and economical do it yourself, you really should give it ago. You just need to mix up some ‘paint’ as shown in the recipe below. I have also seen this recipe with beer instead of water. Whatever works for you but in this house it would be sacrilegious to do anything but drink beer!

Do think about where you are going to do your moss graffiti because moss grows best where is has some sunlight but is not exposed to the sun all day, and it needs to be moist – hence the spray advice.

How to make moss graffiti - instructions and examples from

You create the mixture, you paint your design and then you watch it grow. I am loving the idea of this for a house number – it would look brilliant and would allow you to try this if you don’t have much outside space. Also think stencils in the style of Banksy. Brilliant. It’s on my to do list. I will report back :)


Image sources: All That Is Interesting | Gardinista | Stories from Space | Anna Garforth

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