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Mini Moderns Bedding – Coming Soon!

Over on the other site I write on, Bambino Goodies, we have been waxing lyrical about our love for Mini Moderns for years. On top of that, Nat and I have been showing them love on the now retired Nest Goodies since 2009, so you’d think I wouldn’t have too much left to say about them! However, as I was having a little nose around some of my favourite stores twitter feeds earlier, I spotted this tweet:

Mini Moderns Bedding - Whitby

This makes me happy. Love that print. It’s nice and nautical without being twee. It’s also timeless. It’s just not going to date. I have a Whitby cupcake stand. Why I do not know, because I never bake and I don’t eat cakes… but I do live a stones throw from the sea, so you know, nautical is expected from me. Anyway, I digress.

Along with Whitby bedding, Mini Moderns are also bringing out bedding in Pet Sounds in harvest orange, Pavilion in concrete/mustard and Darjeeling in a concrete/welsh slate. Like.

Mini Moderns Bedding

All good news indeed. I shall let you know when I spot this on their site until then, have a browse because they do have some great products which aren’t going to hurt your bank.


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