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Lounge Inspiration

You know I am currently obsessing about that French Connection sofa, well now my obsession has stepped up a notch. I’m now dreaming about how I am going to decorate the lounge to accomodate said sofa. Even though I am a colour lover buying a coloured sofa is a big step for me. I’d normally go neutral and add colour with things that are easier (and cheaper!) to change but I think it’s time to take the plunge! In my head, I am beginning to visualise what the space will look like.

I am thinking a simple monochrome based lounge with the sofa being the statement piece, much like Kate Davison’s gorgeous lounge. I am seriously lusting over her apartment which you can read more about over on The Every Girl.

Kate Davison Living Room - Inspiration

Instead of white walls though, I will be using a light shade of  grey, with white woodwork, white ceilings and white in the space above the picture rail (has that area got a name?!). I also have to work with what I have, so shall undertake a few upcycling jobs along the way – watch this space. I am totally inspired by Kate’ apartment as well as these…

Living Room Inspiration

I am loving how comfy and homely these rooms look, even though the base colour scheme is monochrome. I know I am going to have to add texture and introduce light. It’s difficult because my room is small, and these rooms are much bigger. The other big issue is the floor. What am I going to do about the nasty MOD issue blue carpet we have? Eccck. Roll on when we have a home that we can do with what we like!



Photography // Suvi Sur Le Vif / 79 Ideas / The Design Chaser

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