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Inspiration: Pastels & Neons

I should probably be talking about gold and copper as those tones are trending everywhere at the moment, or maybe blue. Blue is huge this season. However, I’m not because what it really floating my boat at the moment is pastels with pops of neon and other bright colours. I am about a year late writing about neons but hey, my blog, my rules. :)

Pastels and Neon Colour scheme

You’ll notice the similarities in the styling in these. The colour pops are trim and details, clean lines and there’s the geometrics too. I honestly don’t know if these photos are from the same shoot or stylist but do know I am love the look. If you’re looking for a little neon in your home, have a look at these items:

Neon items for your home

The painted sticks you could easily do yourself, but with Bonjour Frenchie selling these for £15.99 you have a cheap and quick alternative. (Yes, I know I seem to have developed a thing for painted sticks!). The little neon planters (£15.54, Wind & Willow) are a really simple way to bring neon and low maintenance plants in to your home. Likewise with the woven posts (£24.28, Crayon Chick). The light cord in the 91 magazine photo (left) looks fabulous. I am a huge fan of coloured cords, and Light Delux have the neon ones for less than £30. Finally, the neon colour blocked stool legs , the one pictured is François Chambard and is going to set you back a good couple of hundred pound. You can achieve the same look though with a cheap stool and a pot of neon paint. You’ll be looking at about £30. Actually. I am going to do just that and show you how cheap and easy it is! Watch this space.


Photos // Bonjour Frenchie / Lovers of Mint / Wind & Willow / Crayon Chick / Light Deluxe / 101 Woonideeen / 91 Magazine





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