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A miniature chair and a can shaped pot

Tin can pot and robin day copy chair

My desk is a colourful little corner, littered with ‘stuff’ – it’s a working desk, so looks nothing like the BettaLiving home office I featured the other day or the beautifully organised offices on my dedicated Pinterest board.

My desk this week became home to  two new items. A miniature chair (£6) and a can shaped pot (£8). Random.The miniature chair is clearly playing homage to Robin Day’s iconic polo chair. The pot is glazed terracotta tin can shaped pot – there are two other sizes available, each size is a different colour but I liked the mustard yellow glaze! Obviously it will be used for pen storage, but the chair has no use but to make me smile.

Both items are now on sale. £4.80 and £5.60. Bloody typical.


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