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How to make chalkboard paint

 How to make chalkboard paint

I love chalkboard paint. I love it a lot and it is so versatile. It has obvious uses if you have a little ones but can also be great for around the home. The problem is, it’s not cheap and the colours are limited – although there seems to be more of choice now than when I first started using it. It’s also really easy and cheap to make your own chalkboard paint.

You just need to get some unsanded white grout and some acrylic paint. Mix the grout and the paint together until it is smooth. The best way to do this is to mix a splash of water with the grout to make a paste before you add the paint. Obviously the white grout will make the paint a lighter colour so bear than in mind when you’re making your chalkboard paint. Note that grout can be an irritant, so safety first and all that, put some gloves on!

If you’re looking for grout, try the cheap £1.40 stuff from Wilko. I searched the liked of B&Q and got myself all confused until a pal said she used this stuff and it was fine. Remember to prep your surface. Wood will need to be lightly sanded for example, and a primer is always a good idea.

Paint your surface and leave it to dry. You may want to build up the coats slowly if you have patience, but nothing wrong with whacking it on!

And now for some inspiration…

Chalkboard Paint Inspiration featured on Style Arch

The orange chalkboard wall is to die for and imagine how great the others could look with colour! I’ll report back on what I make! I have an idea…


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