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Favourite things: Kara and her G Plan Dresser

Welcome to Kara who’s popped over today to tell us about her favourite things… 

I am not sure if you can really love furniture, but if you can then that is definitely how I feel about my G Plan dresser.

G Plan Sideboard

Beaut isn’t it? I have wanted one for as long as I can remember and when we moved house last year I decided this would be the time I found one. She (yes how could she be a man, far too pretty) was a total bargain at £80.00. She isn’t as big as I had initially wanted but at least when we move again in 6 months hopefully she will fit somewhere.

I love her position in our house, she meets you as you walk in the front door, she is my show off piece, I also look at her from where I sit in the evenings when I watch TV or blog.

Not only does she house so many of my pretties and collectibles (doesn’t my typewriter just look perfect), framing them in such a great way she also comes with tons of storage, currently she holds all my craft supplies (which is a lot) all important family documents as well as so much other randomness.

G Plan Sideboard

G Plan started in the 50’s but this piece comes from the 60’s and although she has seen some knocks and 2 of her handles have been reattached I honestly believe this makes her look even better, the curves in her wood are smooth and of the up most quality, you would not see this in modern furniture.

My next want is a G Plan sideboard for my TV, I currently have a lovely second-hand 1940’s unit but it just does not have the same shapes and wood colour that G Plan offers.

If you want ideas on G Plan units then check out my Pinterest board, so much inspiration.


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