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Easy and cheap witch costume

Little Legs had her first school disco last Thursday. I honestly felt more emotional about that then I did about her starting school. I think it was the whole her being out in the dark by herself thing even though she wasn’t really out in the dark by herself. I had, in true slack-mother style, totally forgotten and didn’t have a costume to hand. Thankfully my pal offered to lend her little girls pretty purple sparkly witch costume, to be fair, not the sort of thing I would buy but assumed Little Legs would be thrilled. I was wrong. She didn’t like it. At all. She said witches don’t wear sparkly purple dresses and she wanted to look like Meg (of Meg & Mog fame). Two hours to party start. No costume. Pressure on.

Easy cheap kids witch costume

This is what we ended up with. I found one of my old long sleeved tops (normally used for layering) and cut a zig zag hem and sleeves. That was the dress done. Perfect. We had some orange stripy tights already, (you can pick them up for a quid in Tesco here) which I had totally forgotten about. The broom and hat cost £3 in total from Asda. Job done. The boots she has already, they’re navy blue DMs which she’s had for a little while – I admit they’re not cheap, but any boots will do. The wig was once plaited and Elsa’s hair but unplaited, perfect witch hair. My girl does love a wig! Job done. And I think she looked fab!

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