About me

I am a lady who loves all things decor. I’m not, nor pretend to be, an interior designer or stylist. Technically, I am not sure that I know anything but I do know what I like and that’s what this blog is about.

I was, in a previous life, a Furniture, Fittings & Equipment consultant, so yeah OK, I do know some stuff about interiors – I can actually tell you quite a bit about fume cupboard safety too! I have worked on some prestigious UK builds, including the Zaha Hadid school in Brixton. I am used to working with contract fabrics and huge budgets (although proportionally to bums on seats, they’re tiny!).

I gave up the 9 to 5 (more like 7 to 7), when I decided that quality of life was more important, and my little girl needed to see her mama as her daddy was being deployed for 7 months. Huge changes happened, and although I don’t regret leaving my job, I do miss gazing at chairs and stroking fabrics for a living … I’m not too bothered about the fume cupboards.

Blogging just happened, and along with this blog I have a personal blog and a few others which are collecting cobwebs. I write about cool kids stuff over at Bambino Goodies along with the lovely Nat and Lu and run a lovely little shop too.


So just to be clear, what is Style Arch?

I am not a retailer, a manufacturer or a PR agency.

I don’t work in the sector (anymore), or have any shares or financial links with those which do.

I do undertake reviews if I am asked to, but it will be  about a product which appealed in the beginning. All reviews are clearly labeled as such, and I will state my relationship with the product i.e. how I came to review. I will also write about product I have bought with my hard earned cash, so if a post is not clearly labelled as a review post, then it isn’t one.

I do accept paid advertising on the site, however, this does not mean the items advertised will be featured in an editorial. Advertising on this site is not a form of endorsement. You can advertise your product and/or service on this site by contacting me.

I do link with affiliate programmes such as Amazon, this means if you follow a link I have provided to a product and then go on to purchase from that site, I will receive a very small % of the cost. It’s very, very small. I do not link to products because they are part of an affiliate programme.



Reviews and Sponsored Posts Explained

Reviews, advertorials, guest and sponsored posts are always clearly marked as such. These are what these mean:

  • Review – a brand has given me (or Phil, or the kids) a product or money/vouchers to choose a product and asked for an honest review. I wont say something is good if it’s bad. The words are my own.
  • Sponsored – articles that I have been paid to write and post on my blog.
  • Advertorials & Guest Posts – content that has been provided by a brand to promote their own product/service for which I have been paid to reproduce my blog.


Comments are not moderated, but I will delete any I deem to be defamatory, abusive, encourage hate of any description or are blatant spam or hijacking. Play nicely.


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If you have any comments about anything here, leave a comment or contact me directly.