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Conran Hepworth Mackenzie Chair

Conran Hepworth Mackenzie Chair featured on

Well hello there, Conran Hepworth Mackenzie Chair. Aren’t you a handsome fellow! This chair is constructed from oak veneer with a grey leather seat – touted on the  M&S website as being an office chair, it looks delicious. I however say NOOOOO, don’t buy it for the office. It’s a dining chair, an occasional chair. If you’re spending any serious amount of time at your desk, you need a good task chair. I’ll come back to that in a later post. It’s oak veneer but do not let that put you off. Veneer gets a bit of a bad rep, it’s because people associate it with cheap and nasty veneer, (you know, chipped corners, terrible grain) but good quality veneer is great because it  does not twist, warp and split like solid wood can. Especially cheap solid wood *glares at cheap oak dining table*.

Top Tip: When picking a dining or office chair make sure you like how it looks from behind, because THAT is what you’re going to look at most of the time. More than likely, your beautiful chair is going to be tucked under a desk or table.

This chair will set you back £249, but it’s a classic.  It has that midcentury feel but looks very contemporary. I love it. And did I mention it was from M&S?


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