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Camila Prada Jars

Camila Prada limited edition lidded jar

I am a little bit in love with these Camila Prada limited edition lidded jars. They are super cute, super cool and sooo worth having. They’re definitely a future collectable.  There’s only a 100 of each and they’re made to order. The turn around time is 6 weeks so if you’re thinking of gifting for Christmas you want to buy them now. They’re British, made entirely in Stoke-on-Trent. And they’re calling out to me. I think Dash is calling loudest! It’s my birthday today, so the perfect excuse to treat myself. Right?! These are from Camila’s super adorable fall collection but do also check out the Blues Ones too. I also want some Booty Shakers. Not for the kitchen though, to sit on my desk and make me smile.

* UPDATE: Ordered Dash. Yay. I shall report back when he arrives. Happy me.


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